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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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led to a deadly accident on bart tracks. and tonight... bart's unions offer a new proposa end the st combing over ever detail. how investigators plan to pinpoint what led to a deadly accident on the b.a.r.t track. tonight, b.a.r.t's unions offer a new proposal to end the strike and get trains running again. what they say has changed. good evening. as workers mourn the loss of 2 of their colleagues, the ntsb is on the ground to find out what happened. what they will focus and the message from the unions tonight, brian? >> reporter: one union decided not to picket tonight because of the accident. the other decided to keep on walking. some of them are still here tonight. but all of the unions took a moment to honor the men who were killed. >> reporter: dealing with the emotions and everything. >> reporter: candles and prayers, handshakes, hugs, b.a.r.t union members in
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oakland doing their best to lift heavy hearts. >> everyone is effected by this. it is horribly sad, horribly sad. >> reporter: at the accident scene, federal investigators arrived one day after two men were killed they walked the tracks, sifted through evidence and eventually moved the train. >> we took measurements and wanted to get a good look at the lay of the land, the accident area before we were going to move any equipment. it is commonly do. >> reporter: the victim, a b.a.r.t employee and and a contract were inspecting a dip in the track when they were hit by the train controlled by computer. in the days and weeks to come investigators will look at everything from signals and cameras to recordings, records and the rails. plus, the people on the train and on the tracks. they insist the strike itself is secondary. >> i am aware there is a strike
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going on. i don't know if it has an impact of what i am doing. >> anything of interest there? >> we bow our heads real quick ... >> reporter: in walnut creek, a second memorial with more candles and sorrow. a strong feelingsing from the strike rank and file this accident does not need to happen. >> we all are on the track together and we all watch each other's backs. i feel i am one of them, i am one of them. and it is great sadness that we are here. it is unnecessary, senseless and my condolences to the family and kids that don't have a father. >> reporter: one day after the accident a lot of sorrow, not much information and we learned the ntsb investigation may take up to 6-months. >> we heard that the ntsb downloaded video from the train but apparently it does not show the accident? >> reporter: yeah. it seems like a set back. apparently there was no forward-
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facing camera looking out over the tracks. there was one pointing back in the cab at the driver. the ntsb says they have not had a chance to look at the video yet. >> all right, thank you. we now know the -- we now know the names of those kills, larry daniels and the other is christopher shepherd from hayward, a b.a.r.t supervisor and member of the union. kpix5 spoke with shepherd's friends and neighbors. >> reporter: christopher shepherd had experience in the rail industry. senior track engineer at b.a.r.t and before that worked for amtrak. >> he was planning on retiring in the next couple of years. >> reporter: he lived with his wife here. friends and neighbors say he was a kind man. >> real personallable, tough, it is shock. >> reporter: his friend, jeff smith, noticed kreusz had been working longer hours during the strike. >> he would not have been out this if it was not for the strike. given him a chance to work on
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some of the lines. and, he called his wife and told her that he had to run out to check on something. >> reporter: b.a.r.t says chris and a contractor were inspecting a problem on the tracks near the walnut creek station. >> they were out doing an inspection to see if they could identify if, that was the case or not, and where that dip was. >> reporter: it was during that inspection that a b.a.r.t train hit chris and the second worker. people stopped by the site today and dropped off flowers, chris was a member of the b.a.r.t union. his coworkers now wearing the black ribbon to honor him. >> dedicated worker. well liked. >> reporter: aside for his love for his work, friends and neighbors say he love astronomy. >> he would invite us to look at what is up there. now he is up there. >> reporter: i talked to his
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son, briefly this afternoon, the family declined to comment. in walnut creek, back to you. >> 6 people were on board the train when the accident hurricaned hurricane when the -- when the accident happened and they were not hurt. proposed workplace rule change. the unions are saying they are willing to allow certain upgrades but standing on the ground of some that could lead to unsafe conditions. we reached out for comment and they told us they received no such overrer and no new talks are scheduled. b.a.r.t's board of directors is scheduled to meet tomorrow to talk about the next step. we will bring you any new developments in the strike negotiations here on kpix5. and find resources on our web site to help you plan
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your commute during the strike. and, in the other labor dispute that effects east bay commuters, ac transit and its unions will meet tomorrow with a state-appointed panel. the workers planned a strike last week but the governor stepped in and ordered a review of the labor dispute. ac transit emmyees rejected two contracts in recent months over wage and pension offers. even more labor problems. truckers at the port of oakland are planning a work stoppage tomorrow. protesting what they call unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices. truckers are independent contractors. they have protested working conditions in the past as recently as august. >> a dozen people are homeless tonight after an apartment complex caught fire in walnut creek. the fire broke out in one building on civic drive north civic drive just before 2:00 a.m. by the time the firefighters
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arrived all parts of the building were burning. took less than an hour. two other unit his water damage. no one was injured. not clear what caused the fire. the 22 years ago, a firestorm destroyed 3,000 homes, a wildfire prevention district was formed a short time later to keep the fire danger down through brush firefighting. >> fires occur in these hills every year. small fires grown to huge firestorms every 20 years or so. while we can not do anything about it or the weather that contribute to fires we can reduce the fuel load that will keep small fires from flaming out of control.
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>> reporter: ballots will go out next month to 40,000 voters in and around the hills, the tax would cost them about $78 a year. in australia, firefighters are dealing with some of the worst wildfires to ever hit the country. one man has died and hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. firefighters got a little relief from the weather over the weekend but that break is expected to end. 15 fires are burning out of control including one near sydney. there is concern some of the fires could merge into one giant wildfire. >> this is a continuing volatile difficult dangerous firefighterring environment and based on the forecast, based on the size of the fires, it is expected to become worse yet. >> right now wildfires are threatening more than 50 towns around sydney. back behind bars the two killers who escaped from a florida prison using fake documents made their first court appearance today. and as diaz reports more
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arrests may be coming. >> reporter: now that the convicted murderers are back behind bars, florida prison officials are trying to figure out who helped them forge court documents. >> this is speculation that under lines speculation that there was a source where for certain sum of money that these documents could be construcked for $8,000. >> the authorities say a close associateiat of theirs provided key information to their arrests on saturday in a florida motel. they are promising more arrests. >> we will backtrack to those who carried out the fraud. >> reporter: close relatives are not suspected. his uncle picked him up at the prison and drove him to see his grandmother and mother. he thought the release was legit. >> i was saying this is a modern day miracle. >> reporter: now that they know the truth they say it has
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been a terrible situation that no family should go through. >> disappointing is not the word. the bottom fell out. >> reporter: the florida corrections department says it already add another layer of security to verify the early release of prisoners. >> the police say they were waiting for a ride in panama city that was going to take them out of state. three teenagers from the baltimore area are under arrest. accused of stealing ammunition from u.s. air marshals. they found 70 boxes of ammunition and bolt cutters, flash lights and gloves. one of the teenagers confessed. same sex marriages begun in new jersey. as of midnight east coast time it became legal for gay and lesbian couples in that state to wed. one couple was part of a lawsuit seeking to make same sex marriage legal.
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they have been together for more than 20 years and raised 4 children together. however the case is still being appealed. the governor is pushing to get same sex marriage on the ballot. well, the first step in getting california's bullet trains going, the work being done now. a mom fights her way to the finish line while fighting a bigger health fight. now, the fog is deepening, the effect tell have on your monday night commute as the new continues right here on kpix5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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engineering for the first 30-mile segment -- near fresno -- h now begun. voters work is getting underway on california's high speed rail system. engineering for the first 30 mile segment near fresno has begun. voters approved the $68 billion project 5 years ago. it will be completed around 2029. well, drivers are seeing a little relief at the bump. according to the survey the price of a gallon of regular unleaded in california is $3.74. at the drop of 9 cents over two weeks. sanfrancisco, however, has the highest prices in the nation coming in at $3.81. the average edged down by 2
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cents to 3.36. it is a megamake over for the megamillions. the california lottery says starting on tuesday the minimum jackpot will grow from $20 million to $15 mill million, and the number of white balls will increase but the number of gold megaballs will decrease. you will need the same number of matches to weufpblt the lottery hopes it will help them compete with powerball. 30,000 strong. that is how many people laced up their running shoes for today's nike women's marathon in san francisco. fog in the early morning athletes went through. and it is the 10th anniversary of the event. among the runners was a bay area mom fighting a rare and deadly form of cancer. reaching the finish line was never a question. >> reporter: amy has been running in the nike marathon since 2005. this year it is different.
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>> this means the world to me. >> reporter: did not run the entire 26 miles just the last 4.2. 4 for the rounds of chemo she has endured and 2 forget rounds she has left. >> each round of chemo is like another mile marker. in a sense it is training for the same thing. >> reporter: she has been doing both for months after suddenly getting sick in july. >> eventually i got the diagnose of cancer. and it was a shock. >> reporter: the cancer is rare and the odds are not good but equally shocking is how amy handled it. >> most people if you got that kind of death sentence you would just kind of retreat into yourself and fall apart. >> reporter: not amy. kept training, sharing strength and stories of her family including two young children with her friends. and each step slittified her message. >> life is hard. we can get through it. >> as much as we are encouraging her she is inspiring us. >> reporter: today, amy has
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inspired more, marathon organizers made special arrangements to run the 4.2 miles. her friend brought in amy her bib at mile 22 and made it through the end. >> i am grateful for everyone who brought this together. [dropped audio ] >> reporter: it is what you make of it and who is be your side that matters in the end. back to you. >> wow, she is an inspiration. >> yes, she is. i want to run with amy. >> you will do it next year. i know she will want you this. >> we will hold hands together as we go across the finish line. god bless her. conducive weather for the marathon, nice cool conditions, a hint of fog for openers and overnight tonight we will continue to see the fog developing with chilly conditions. and tomorrow we will start off on a gray note and clearing. forecasters calling for dry weather pattern. let's go on outside right now
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and take a look at our live kpix camera. looking out towards the bay bridge. we can see that we clearly have the fog. and i say clearly because you can not see the bay bridge right now. the height is 525 feet from the water to the top and we are not able to see the top right now that gives me a good indication that we will be seeing the return of the fog overnight all of the way to sfo that means we will have delays. sanfrancisco currently 50 degrees. 2-5 degrees cooler than yesterday but for one location, livermore was at 86 degrees yesterday, today, 87 degrees, otherwise, a gradual cool down each and every day. if even that. 74 degrees in san jose and 81 in santa rosa. it was a denine weather pattern -- benign weather pattern for today and yesterday and the next couple of days. 47 degrees in redwood city,
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here is the deal. coastal fog, it will be chilly overnight. partial coastal clearing for your monday. future cast illustrates we have right now this deck of low clouds and fog already moving into the bay. out towards richmond and into hayward. this fog bank, right now, 1,000 feet deep. tell continue to deepen in the overnight hours, a cool feel to it as well. so, we do have the fog for openers and then the clearing and then this right here. low pressure out over the pacific. it will effect our weather. what it is doing right now is creating and generating very large seas. we do have a beach hazard in effect for tonight. all of the way,tuesday for some hazardous conditions -- all of the way through tuesday for some hazardous conditions. a morning low forecast at 25 degrees. i am putting your numbers out like this. a hint of the clearing at the coast. in the 60s, 60s and 70s in the
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peninsula. jumping up to 80 degrees. 84 in pleasantton down from 87 degrees today. central bay into the 60s, north bay, 60s and 70s, we jump up to 80 degrees. and head due north. low 80s in khoeferdale and lakeport. extended forecast, benign. that is the key weather word at least for monday, tuesday, i have taken out the chance of rain for friday. >> 60s, 70s, 80s, you got it covered. >> thank you. >> yes. well, will it be enough to boost the ipad sales? the new features they are expected to roll out in the new version this week. coming up next on "gameday" the warriors return overseas the 49ers head this. >> we will be joined by the warriors guard, curry and we
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will have a report from the 49ers. it was a must-win game for the earthquakes. and guess who is the lone undefeated team in the national football league. all coming up next ,, ,,,,,,,,
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she's now getting help... a california girl gets no warning before she has a seizure and they happen often. but, she is now getting help in the form of a fury new friend. >> reporter: mr. snuggles is as adorable as his name. this pup puppy is about to take on a serious job, it will be his task to take care of mira who suffer friday seizures. she came to her by way of the firefighters association, the pup will be trained to sense her seizures before they happen. it seems snuggles is already having an impact. >> she has not had a seizure since he has been here. that is amazing. >> i love him so much. >> reporter: this firefighter had the idea to get her the new trained compainion through sense and temperature he will be able to detect when she is
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about to have an episode. >> call that actually made me know we had to react quickly she had a seizure and went undetected for awhile. >> i am hoping for him to do is give me that extra couple of seconds to be able to go and get the medication, to give me the extra time to help her so she does not go,it as long. >> reporter: a dog with this kind of -- go through it as long. >> reporter: a dog with this kind of training costs $18,000. >> i can not thank them enough. they are always there for me. any time, and day. >> everyone loves a puppy. giving a puppy to a little girl that is going to brighten her day it will make everybody happy. >> reporter: back to you. >> they look like a good team. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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